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KIICEILING K1 Trekking Poles And After Sales Accessories

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Walking poles set and sale-after pars

Hiking and trekking Backpacking Gear in outdoor camping,Return to nature and accept the severe environmental test. Gear must haves compact,multifunctional portable survival tool .The walking stick is energy-saving, safety in our outdoor camping need protection. durable and reliable trekking poles for men and women for walking and hiking

✔【All-in-one Survival Walking Sticks 】5 poles + 1 handle + ice grip + base TPU pole grip + shovel head + other Essentials Accessories + camouflage bag,Made of aluminum alloy + tungsten steel,The all weight is about about 5.7lb. enough to bear weight 500 pounds.More accessories and metal materials make it heavier, but the need for camping and hiking gear equipment may be forgiven.outdoor survival essentials for you.versatile shovel tool makes sticks easy to dig trenches.Camping Gear Must Haves
✔【Compact,Portable Trekking Poles】 Remove other accessories.assembled into walking stick,The TPU base is more wear-resistant.But at the expense of skid resistance. unsuited to walking on a large area of flat rock, So suitable for rugged terrain,More physical strength saving. assembled into ice snow poles. can be inserted into frozen snow and ice to prevent slipping,The weight about 2.8 lb. The shovel is assembled to the climbing stick to dig the trench easily.about 4 lb
✔【CNC precision machining Indestructible】Forged from heat treated .Precision serrated oxidized surface grab sticks.Grooved grid non slip design,The pole will not escape .For example,dig the trench.Stainless steel handle, sturdy and moisture-proof, Each connecting poles is provided with a waterproof sealing rubber ring to effectively prevent moisture.Carbon steel adjustable shovel head,The shovel can be used as a hook,hoe or shovel at a 30°, 85°or 180°angle
✔【Friendly design】In the ordinary lightweight walking sticks,the heavy body doesn't stand out, but in the professional military tactical outdoor hiking trekking camping Wading Ice and snow training, the long journey is more solid and reliable, and the flexible accessories are assembled to what you want. Camping Essentials Accessories Backpacking for Protection safety Survival Tools .Don't worry about the damage of various accessories,contact us after-sales service for you
✔【Installation study manual】As there are many parts of the trekking stick, may meet with difficulties.My pleasure that i will help you finish it together. Don't worry, please Sir/Madam, Thank you for your attention