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KIICEILING TITAN Tactical Jackets for Men Winter Heat Reflection Coat

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Keep warm : LIGHT / WARM/WATERPROOF extended cold weather clothing system

The diameter of insulation material is one tenth of that of fiber, so that more air is retained between fibers. Compared with traditional insulation materials, its simultaneous interpreting is 1.5 times as much as that of eiderdown, and two times that of other high thermal insulation materials. In a space of the same size, more fibers can be filled, so it can reflect human thermal radiation more and more effectively. At the same time, the water absorption of its thermal insulation material is only 1% of its own weight, and it can keep warm even in a humid environment.
The lining adopts heat reflection technology, which is a professional heat preservation technology. Compared with ordinary cold resistant materials, the heat preservation degree is effectively improved.

Silver heat reflective dot material can efficiently reflect body heat, and cooperate with the breathable middle layer to lock the body temperature between the clothes and the body, so as to bring you comfort and warmth.

How to fold down into a pillow?

Turn the clothes back to the inside,
Find the large capacity pocket at the hem,
Put the clothes themselves in your pocket,
Pull the zipper up until it is fully inserted,
After folding, it can become a convenient pillow for outdoor use. With hook design, it can be hung on backpacks and other equipment for convenient travel .